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‘Grim Reaper’ from beaches: DeSantis’ virus response is tragic | Commentary

"For much of the past year, I have dressed as the Grim Reaper to call attention to DeSantis’ premature decision to reopen beaches and businesses, but the governor’s disastrous response to the coronavirus goes much deeper than that. It starts with his base misunderstanding of the coronavirus and Florida’s unique vulnerabilities to it."


People with multiple negative coronavirus tests are diluting positivity rate in Florida

"Some schools are waiting for communities in Central Florida to get down to a 5% positivity rate in COVID-19 cases before opening. But that's complicated. Many people who test positive for COVID-19 need multiple negative tests before returning to work."

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As hospitals fill with coronavirus patients, Florida wants to know who is in the ICU beds

“I don’t believe in the coincidence of the timing,” Uhlfelder said. “Why in the middle of a global pandemic are those guidelines being modified the week when cases are skyrocketing? If we can’t have confidence in the numbers, how are we going to have confidence in the process?”


Walton County Commissioners Vote To Keep Confederate Flag At Courthouse

"Walton County Attorney Daniel Uhlfelder has been known more recently as the "Grim Reaper" after suing Gov. Ron DeSantis for not closing beaches amid the pandemic. Before that, he was fighting the Confederate flag issue since 2001. Today’s decision was a bit of deja vu, but he said the efforts to take the flag down aren’t over. He calls the flag "embarrassing."

The New Yorker

Does the Grim Reaper Wear Sunscreen?

"Many state beaches have been closed by counties, but some have begun to reopen this month—too soon, in Uhlfelder’s view. He wanted to step up his game as an activist (in recent years, he has tussled with a neighbor, Mike Huckabee, over Huckabee’s attempt to privatize beach access), so he bought a Grim Reaper costume from"

ABA Journal

'Ready for battle': Florida lawyer dons Grim Reaper garb to save lives during COVID-19 crisis

"Nothing kills a buzz quite like a visit from the Grim Reaper. At least, that’s what Florida lawyer Daniel W. Uhlfelder is hoping. On May 1, Uhlfelder began a Grim Reaper tour, visiting public beaches across his home state dressed as the Grim Reaper to raise awareness about the threat of COVID-19 and to continue his advocacy for a statewide closure of all public beaches."

USA Today

Florida lawyer dresses as Grim Reaper to scare off beachgoers, protest reopening

"Beachgoers in northwest Florida hoping to take advantage of newly opened shores amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could be in for something of a shock. Those who hit the beach in the Sunshine State's Walton County this weekend will see joggers, swimmers, people on paddleboards . . . and perhaps a scythe-wielding Grim Reaper."

Miami New Times

Florida Lawyer Will Dress as Grim Reaper to Protest Beach Reopenings

"Because the number of Floridians infected with COVID-19 continues to rise, attorney Daniel Uhlfelder thinks it's ridiculous that Gov. Ron DeSantis has allowed the state's beaches to begin reopening. So Uhlfelder came up with an equally ridiculous protest idea: dressing as the Grim Reaper to persuade people to remain home and stay alive."

Business Insider

The Grim Reaper is headed to Florida beaches to protest their opening. Meet the attorney under the cloak.

"I understand the pressure because it's such a big part of our revenue," Uhlfelder said. "But, we need to get back to normal quickly, and I think reopening prematurely is going to prolong this. That's why I'm doing things that are kind of unorthodox," he added. "You now have a trial lawyer wearing a Grim Reaper costume on the beach. That's not normal, but these are not normal times."

NBC News

Lawyer plans to visit Florida beaches dressed as the Grim Reaper to warn people to keep distance

"A lawyer who gained national attention with his advocacy against the privatization of Florida beaches is now working to keep those same beaches closed during the coronavirus pandemic — by wearing a Grim Reaper costume and warning beach-goers about the necessity of social distancing."


Fla. Attorney Plans to Dress Up as Grim Reaper and Hit the Beach to Encourage Social Distancing

"Floridians planning to hit the beach next week, beware — the Grim Reaper may be waiting. As Gov. Ron DeSantis begins to ease restrictions on local beaches in the Sunshine State, one local attorney is taking it upon himself to make sure beachgoers know they may be tempting fate by getting close in public amid the coronavirus outbreak."


Grim Reaper clad attorney promises to travel to Florida beaches to protest premature opening

"Decisions about opening beaches in our area are being made now. One Florida attorney thinks it’s too soon. In a now viral Twitter post he made only one day ago, he promises to travel around the state dressed as the ‘Grim Reaper’ to protest beaches opening up prematurely during the coronavirus pandemic."

Huffington Post

Whoops!: Kevin McCarthy Accidentally Slams Trump’s Nepotism

"Twitter users were quick to point out how easily McCarthy’s comments could be used against Trump instead of Biden: "

NWF Daily News

Uhlfelder creates PAC to challenge ‘bad actors’

"Bolstered by a Twitter following of nearly 105,000, South Walton attorney Daniel Uhlfelder has established what he calls “a hybrid super PAC” to take on people he refers to as bad actors. “Make My Day PAC is an organization dedicated to the Americans who refuse to be silenced,” a news release issued Tuesday morning said."


Daniel Uhlfelder turns Mike Huckabee feud into a super PAC

"Now Uhlfelder says he is retaliating by launching a hybrid super PAC named Make My Day PAC, which he said is “dedicated to the Americans who refuse to be silenced by bad actors.” All of this began in 2016 when Walton County adopted an ordinance recognizing the public’s use of its coast for fishing and recreation through the legal concept of “customary use.” The response helped lead to the creation and passage of HB 631 in 2018, expanding the rights of beach-front property owners like Huckabee to claim ownership of the beach to the water’s edge, and preempting local governments like Walton County from declaring and enforcing customary use rights of others to beaches."

WUWF 88.1

Uhlfelder To Huckabee: 'Make My Day'

“We’re just getting started,” he said. “We’re going to be supporting candidates who aren’t afraid to speak their mind — put truth to power.” With his twitter handle —@DWUhlfelderLaw — the Florida attorney said he wants to use his following to help others. “No way have I ever thought this would happen,” he said of his internet following. “It’s exciting to be moving to the next step.”

Pensacola News Journal

Meet the Florida man who triggers Mike Huckabee

"It is on behalf of these folks, and in defense of what Uhlfelder sees as the public’s right to enjoy Florida’s beaches, that the attorney has spent the last few years standing up and speaking out against a high-powered, politically-polluted effort to exclude Floridians and tourists alike from beaches that were once the lifeblood of ancient peoples and until recently, free for all to enjoy."


Mike Huckabee complained about mean tweets — and it backfired spectacularly

"When a persistent critic, a lawyer on the public side of the beach access battle, tweeted back with sarcasm and humor, Huckabee tried to silence him by filing a formal complaint with the Florida Bar. The complaint should be tossed out as a sham and an abuse of the system of disciplining lawyers,” Bousquet explained. When the complaint against him was filed, Uhfelder had 400 followers, but quickly grew his followers about 80,000."

Florida Phoenix

Outrages on the soul of Florida: Ordinary folks and tourists kicked off the public’s sugary sand

"The result of Huckabee’s tantrum is that Daniel Uhfelder, by all accounts a fine lawyer but hardly a household name, has increased his Twitter following (@DWUhfelderLaw) from 422 to nearly 80,000."

Market Watch

How to grow your Twitter following from 400 to 75,000 in one weekend: Get into a feud with Mike Huckabee

“But Huckabee sure seems to get sensitive when the tables turn. Lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder found that out recently, the Sun-Sentinel reported, when he threw Twitter TWTR, +0.03% shade at Huckabee over the former Arkansas governor’s desire to keep the general public from having access to the beach in front of his $7-million Florida home.”

The Orlando Sentinel

Mike Huckabee complains about “snowflakes,” yet tries to silence a Florida critic

“That’s why it’s so fascinating to see Huckabee now trying to silence one of his own critics. As Sun-Sentinel columnist Steve Bousquet explained last weekend, Huckabee is going after a Florida lawyer who made some jokes about Huckabee on Twitter. The attorney was mocking Huckabee’s involvement in a case to close off public access to beaches near Huckabee’s coastal home. Among other things, the attorney called Huckabee a “beach thief” … On Saturday morning, @DWUhlfelderLaw had about 400 Twitter followers. By Saturday afternoon, he had 20,000. And by Wednesday, he was up to 76,900.”

Pensacola News Journal

Panhandle politics puts Daniel in Huckabee's lyin' den

"And today, one of the Panhandle's leading public fighters for folks’ access to the shoreline has been Walton County attorney Daniel Uhlfelder. If you’re not yet familiar with his name, you are probably familiar with his 2018 viral video of law enforcement officers reluctantly having to kick people off of public beaches in Walton County under order of the Huckabee-endorsed laws that aim to steal the sand from beneath working class Floridians’ feet. The video was viewed millions of times on social media."

Sun Sentinel

Mike Huckabee’s outrageous campaign to silence a Florida critic

“When a persistent critic, a lawyer on the public side of the beach access battle, tweeted back with sarcasm and humor, Huckabee tried to silence him by filing a formal complaint with the Florida Bar. The complaint should be tossed out as a sham and an abuse of the system of disciplining lawyers. In his Bar complaint, Huckabee accuses lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder of “vile and unprofessional attacks” and “repeatedly posting disparaging information about me,” which Huckabee claims violate Bar rules on integrity of the legal profession.”

Mother Jones

Mike Huckabee’s Epic Fight to Keep Beachgoers Off His Patch of Florida Sand

"Beach access activists say the legal fight has larger implications, not just for Florida but across the country, as wealthy, powerful people try to annex public beachfronts for their private benefit. “This is just the beginning,” says Santa Rosa Beach attorney Daniel Uhlfelder, one of the activists leading the fight against beach privatization. “If they’re able to pull this off, they’re going to take this to other coastlines around the country.”

Florida Phoenix

Citizens rising up against the Florida Legislature, Gov. Rick Scott, and private property zealots

"You may remember the viral video this summer which showed a couple of Walton County sheriff’s deputies trying to show a beachgoer where he was allowed to sit on the beach. They literally had to draw a line in the sand. The beachgoer was local attorney Daniel Uhlfelder, who set up chairs in front of a condo complex, and someone called the Walton Sheriff’s Department. Deputies told Uhlfelder and his friend they were trespassing. Uhlfelder and one of the deputies walked towards the Gulf and drew a line. The “public” area they identify is in the wet sand along the wave break line – pretty much in the Gulf."

NWF Daily News

Duo test limits of beach access, governor's order, enforcement

"We're at the vortex of a huge problem. Are we going to have public beaches or not?" he said. "Where I was sitting Saturday and Sunday was ground zero."Gaffrey said confrontation with private property owners is a way that Walton County citizens not wealthy enough to afford lobbyists and attorneys and change laws can make a difference."